Through national and local leaders, they are advocates for key issues and core values important to all working people. NG Agency is one of the fastest growing organizations with in the financial services industry who pride themselves in serving working class families. Through Altig-Orlovic and AIL, they currently work with over 44,000 different Union and Association groups who have members that require customer care through our representatives and managers. Our core duty is to provide supplemental benefits designed and customized to fill all their major work place gaps, based on their needs and affordability.


Recently, AO established a new partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council, to ensure we protect every child, in every community. With this in addition to their partnership with members of labor unions, credit unions, and association, our true growth potential has barely begun. 

NG Agency commits to great old fashioned customer service; face-to-face relationships with our valued clients as well as new members, and we’re dedicated to world-class service for all working families. To learn more about what our benefits can do for you, please contact us here.


Our representatives and managers have served working families in many different states and territories. Right now is the most exciting time in our organization, we're growing quickly. Because of our commitment to our explosive growth, we were given permission to fill positions in our Manager-In-Training program with in our new divisions in the state of Virginia.