NG Agency offers benefits that fill in all the gaps from your work place benefits. Whether or not you have a need for our benefits and products you can purchase, we pride ourselves in helping every single working class family that needs help. We do this by providing a no-cost benefit package that can help every situation, and for the families who need it most, we will help them with their permanent benefits that protects themselves and their family for the rest of their lives.


People who cannot qualify for benefits or cannot afford it, will still receive a $2,000 Accidental life policydiscounts on health services and Child Safe Kits endorsed by the International Union of Police and the Federation of Teachers. Our representatives will visit you and help you find the benefits that best suits your needs, whether you are able or not able to make an investment in your families benefits and future. To learn more about the benefits you're entitled to and free consultation, please contact us  immediately.


Our parent company have given us a unique opportunity to work with many Unions and Association groups exclusively. If you belong in a union, you are likely eligible to a larger group coverage amount provided by your union. During an authorized strike, union workers may fall behind in their car payments, mortgage, or utility bills, but they will never fall behind their premiums for their permanent benefits. We proudly waive premiums during an authorized strike and also when members are laid off.

If you are a Union member, please contact us to find out about what you may be entitled to.

McGruff Safe Kids

McGruff the Crime dog is back! AO has partnered with the National Crime Prevention Council with one common mission; protect every child in ever community. The goal is to create safer communities while providing our fun, interactive child safety materials to children and their parents. Please contact us to receive your Safe Kids kit at no-cost to your family.