Jonni Ng is the founder of NG Agency, LLC. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he moved to America in 1996 with his immediate family. He had many opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship since he always worked in his family's businesses in the food and retail world. After college, he committed to building his own business one day on an International level. He gained a ton of experience mainly in marketing and hospitality by running his own businesses, and had a chance to run a very successful operation when he purchased his first bar in Downtown Seattle. Though the business did well, he did not find long-term happiness or the professional growth he has always wanted, until he decided to work with Rick Altig; A company who prides themselves in helping middle-class families and serving others. He learned one thing from his leader's that changed his perspective on business and life,


"Do more for others than you would expect them to do for you."

- Rick Altig & Ilija Orlovic


After learning about the passion and the integrity his new leaders have expressed, Mr. Ng found his career home. In the first full year of his business, he achieved a life time accomplishment. He was in the Top 10 Producers in all of AIL which was over 6,000 Competitors that year. He placed #6 in the entire organization, and at the same time, he was appointed to Executive Council by leading in Agency Growth. At the end of the year, he became a Regional Manager overseeing Seattle, Washington and Knoxville, Tennessee. With in 24 months, he was appointed Board of Directors, and expanded his Agency to his third State in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

After 4 years of building his nation-wide organization living from his home town Edmonds, Washington, Mr. Ng moved to Virginia Beach, VA with his wife and two children in order to bring rapid growth to his East Coast territories. With in his first year on the East Coast, he's expanded his operations to a 2nd office in Tysons Corner through new leaders he's developed in 9-12 months. The Ng family had their third child in Virginia Beach and with a vision of explosive territory expansion, this is just the beginning of many, many chapters in both family and business!


Take a look at Mr. Ng's career timeline, he is constantly looking for potential leaders to develop and duplicate his success in career growth. To learn more about the leadership opportunities and apply for NG Agency's mentorship program, please contact us below: